Thursday, February 11, 2010


It´s really a shame that LEGO had decided to shut down Bionicle. Being even, they haven´t even released any more sets for finishing the storyline arc (I mean, who will win? Mata Nui?). All the good stuff, and now they´re replacing it with "Hero Factory"; their only pretext was to "experiment with younger people".

As far as I read, it´ll be very hard in these days that people like the global community (grown up; teen, pre-teen & adults) do want to but the sets (please, read the comments people from around the globe have left reminscing this situation). Bionicle was great, and will still be great. Shame for the LEGO company is that they wouldn´t even care to complete the storyline (as I mentioned before). Seeing this, I believe that this decision "could" (maybe, maybe not) bring a problem to them.

I´m not speculating or predicting something, but as I see this could bring some issues within the LEGO Community and the LEGO Builders as I.

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