Saturday, November 19, 2011

SO yeah.

I've been busy with work and college.

Working here will be resumed...eventually.

More often, I am opening a group page for a national, yet small, group of LEGO.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Failures of a 5 years old in Flickr.

Just when I thought this kid couldn't be more of a failure, he makes a fake account and tries to troll us. How pathetic.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've seen many LEGO during my time; I had the particular observation of those that are mediocre (for not saying "crap"). Why is that YOU PEOPLE don't get too much attention? Because you do not put effort on your MOC-making skills.

Here are 10 tips that may give you more success:


Not using any camera can give you the ideal look for your MOC. It's important to see the quality of a picture and if it has no flash. If you take a picture of a MOC with a flash, then it'll be disastrous since the flash reboots all over the plastic creating a shiny (although uncomfortable) look. If you want a more neat picture, use a cardboard for background cover.


Light is one of the most crucial parts of a picture. If you want to be more "recognizible", you have to stop taking pictures on YOUR BATHROOM! Taking a picture anywhere destroys the well-presented MOC. Include also that you must have light for getting a good looking MOC. Use lamps if you want to.


Building random things its quite retarded; people will call you names because you can't make something good. If you are having problems at this, it's time to save money. Parts are important too, since they define your MOC and its layer.


For Christ sake; STOP SAYING YOU'RE BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. You can't compare a crappy clone with (example) a Dawn Forge Mecha from Brian Kescenovitz and say it's better than his. Stop ranting and put aside your ego: no one is better than anyone. If you want to improve your skills, then stop making crappy stuff, insulting others and acting inmature.

The secret of someone's success? Practice, Practice and MORE Practice.


I won't say much, but those who steal other's people work and post it as their own are lazy liars with such LOW skills of MOC-Making. Seriously, you're looking yourself to kiss your ass goodbye from any good page that is open for LEGO Hosting. You can't do it since you're stealing someone's idea (and in US, it's a Federal Crime).


You can't just come across and say "o luk itz a gewd mecha I wanaa i wanna". Stop writting like retarded and begin to type correctly. Grammar is one of the many things that defines a proper MOC-builder from the retards like (example) Commander Marks; if you're one of those people then change! Stop writting like if you were important. NO one cares, and it's crucial to let it go!


You don't put just random sentences and stuff. You have to make sentences have sense!


Don't let yourself go blown up with your ideas. Just, be brief; write down the main facts about your MOC and post it on your page.


Don't take like 20 pictures and upload them all on your page; take at least 8 to 10 pictures and upload them. You don't need to show all the people how many picture you took.


Lego is a toy; it's nothing to get obessioned and addicted to. Of course, you can't give up. If you have problems, always have a way to figure it out. That's the good spot about lego.

Have fun and play Well!


Monday, December 20, 2010

[WIP] Knight 80%

Working on a variant of my Pyrus Halberd MOC, combining a few of used techniques I had drawn over during my numerous projects.

As for why the "80%" is because I still need for fill torso and waist, since it looks too hollow on it. The rubberband is for maintaining the front axis balanced in the front part and it prevents all the weight from falling the back.

Furthermore, I calculate the estimated time of completition either before Christmas or before New Year's Eve. I have to fix some "family issues" and I have my Graduation Dance this Tuesday, and I have to buy my Gifts :3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Work In Progress!

Just for those who I did delieved the link.

I'm currently working on another mecha... yes! I can't stop thinking of laygoez :P

Feet are EXTREEEEEMLY fragile, and so I haven't worked on arms yet, since I ran out of white parts (the fuck WHAT).

It's currently on-hold until I get moar...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It´s really a shame that LEGO had decided to shut down Bionicle. Being even, they haven´t even released any more sets for finishing the storyline arc (I mean, who will win? Mata Nui?). All the good stuff, and now they´re replacing it with "Hero Factory"; their only pretext was to "experiment with younger people".

As far as I read, it´ll be very hard in these days that people like the global community (grown up; teen, pre-teen & adults) do want to but the sets (please, read the comments people from around the globe have left reminscing this situation). Bionicle was great, and will still be great. Shame for the LEGO company is that they wouldn´t even care to complete the storyline (as I mentioned before). Seeing this, I believe that this decision "could" (maybe, maybe not) bring a problem to them.

I´m not speculating or predicting something, but as I see this could bring some issues within the LEGO Community and the LEGO Builders as I.